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PeanutBetter - Trail Mixed Up

Peanut butter has partnered with its friend trail mix to become the greatest standalone snack of all time. Trail Mixed Up combines creamy peanut butter with delicious chunks of chocolate candy, raisins, and pretzels to create a delicious and convenient way to curb hunger. Take it on the trail, put it in your desk, leave it in your car. It’s the go anywhere, eat everywhere snack.

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Featured product

PeanutBetter - Trail Mixed Up - Single Serving

The same delicious Peanut Better snack on the go! These convinient single servers are great for energy on the go, office snacks, or lunch box treats!

PeanutBetter was invented by Dustin Dodd for no reason other than he wanted to create more opportunities to eat peanut butter. When he dreamed of all of the taste combinations that would make peanut butter even better, he knew this company had to exist.

“I dare you to tell me a food that wouldn’t taste better if peanut butter was involved” — Dustin Dodd

Fast forward several months and here Dustin stands. Poised to take snack bars to the mat and introduce people to a new way think about and eat the single greatest food of all time: peanut butter.