What men typically fantasize about

If you’re wondering what men typically fantasize about, you might not dare to ask them. But if you do, they’ll probably tell you that it’s some form of sex with a celebrity.


It can be hard to know exactly what they’re picturing when they close their eyes at night and maybe think about having sex with Melbourne escorts. Men do have their favorite fantasy scenarios, such as:

Willingness For Sex


If you’re a man and you’ve ever fantasized about having sex with a woman, then chances are you’ve imagined being in bed with someone who is totally down to get it on.


In this fantasy, she’s lying in her lingerie, and she has no qualms about getting right down to business. She wants your body, and she wants it now.


This kind of scenario is pretty common among men as they often dream of having sex with women willing to go all in on their desires with no questions asked. These ladies aren’t afraid of taking charge or doing whatever it takes for them both to get off, and they don’t care if anyone sees.


In fact, many guys fantasize about girls who aren’t shy about showing off their bodies either. It’s not just about having sex with these types of women but also watching them strut around naked without any inhibitions whatsoever.

Sexy woman in dark lingerie.

Sex With Several Women


Men are not gods, but can be studs. The more women you’ve had sex with, the more experienced and skilled you are at it.


Women like men who are good in bed. They also like men who have had experience with other women before them, and if those other women were also satisfied by this man’s prowess? Then he must be amazing at what he does.

Sex With Their Ex


You may not be able to have sex with your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife in real life, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fantasy of yours. It’s actually quite common for men to fantasize about it, and there are a few reasons why.


To have sex with an ex is taboo. Cheating is bad and should never be done, so when we see two people who were once together doing the deed again or even thinking about doing it, there’s something thrilling about this forbidden act that makes us want more of it.


Many men fantasize about having sex with their exes because they want what they can’t have which is another chance at being with them again. Maybe she broke up with him after catching him cheating on her or maybe he left because he didn’t feel like loving her anymore. Whatever the reason was for ending things between them doesn’t matter anymore during him having this fantasy.

Sex With A Celebrity


If you’re a man and you’ve ever watched porn, chances are that at one point or another you’ve fantasized about having sex with a celebrity. This is not uncommon.


Celebrities are often seen as more attractive than normal people, especially if they’re famous for their sex appeal. Celebrities have a lot of money and power, which can be attractive. Men often fantasize about having sex with women who aren’t their partners.

In Conclusion


Some people are fine with sharing their fantasies and others aren’t so comfortable doing so because of social pressure about what constitutes deviant sexual behavior. There’s nothing wrong with having fantasies as long as they don’t interfere with relationships.